Gas generator upgrades and modifications

Aero-derivative gas generators are used all over the world. And although originally designed for use in aviation, today they are continually developed, adapted and refined for industrial applications.

As they accumulate ever more in-service hours, recurring findings by operators and service centres are the catalyst for change – in component design or to operational parameters.

We have full access to all modifications released by the OEM for SGT-A35, SGT-A20, SGT-A05, Olympus and marine aero-derivative gas generators. So whether that’s an optional control system adjustment to enhance service life, or an essential mechanical modification to improve operational safety, we can support your upgrade requirements.

We have full access to all modifications released by the OEM for SGT-A35, SGT-A20, SGT-A05, Olympus and marine aero-derivative gas generators

So why upgrade?

By applying a modification and changing your gas generator’s design, we’ll help you enhance one or more of the following:

  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Durability
  • Safety
  • Service life
  • Environmental impact

Some modifications apply to all gas generators of a particular type. Others are specific to operators or locations. As modifications are released, we incorporate them into our production documentation, so that we’re fully aware of the requirements during future maintenance activities within our facilities.

And if a modification is urgent for equipment you operate, you’ll receive a service bulletin directly from the OEM advising you of the requirement. We are here to answer your modifications queries and deliver the support you need.

Applying our modifications expertise

Here at RWG, we can competently fulfil mechanical modifications by any of the below methods:

  1. Reworking existing components to achieve the modified design
    You can rely on our component repair expertise and state-of-the-art facilities to complete the modification in accordance with the revised design, before we re-assemble for you
  1. Installing new modified design components
    If rework is uneconomical, or the modification applies to a minor component, our materials engineers are on hand to provide the necessary parts to achieve the modification

We implement modifications and upgrades in accordance with OEM criteria, and with the full support of our highly-skilled engineering team. We record all changes in the gas generator log books and our own technical documentation for traceability during future operation and maintenance activities.

Getting the timing right

Modifications are categorised by priority category. For high priority modifications, we can install these as soon as possible and eliminate your risk of premature component degradation.

For lower priority modifications, we can install these during your next maintenance event.

And some modifications are non-mandatory, to be installed at the operator’s discretion and we’ll gladly offer any advice you need.

Your place or ours?

It’s always our goal to minimise disruption to our customers’ productivity.

Our field service specialists can install minor or external modifications at your site. There’s no need to remove your gas generator, and we’ll have it back up and running as safely and quickly as possible.

But if we need to disassemble your gas generator, we would recommend bringing it into our dedicated service centre where we can to perform the upgrade or modification in a controlled facility environment.

Get in touch with us to discuss your modifications and upgrades requirements.

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