Major Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance for gas generators

Availability and reliability are the keys to success when operating critical equipment.

At RWG, we have been specialising in preventative maintenance for over three decades. You can rely on our experience and expertise to enhance the operational reliability and life expectancy of your industrial gas generators.

We are a Siemens Energy approved maintenance, repair and overhaul centre (MROC). We take care of your major maintenance requirements within our state of the art facilities, starting with disassembly of your gas generator to assess its condition and create a scope of work that is aligned with the intended future operation of the machine.

We have full, unrestricted access to the latest OEM repair and overhaul procedures, including repair schemes, safety bulletins, build specifications and modifications. Each gas generator overhauled within our facilities is assembled to the highest standard.

From basic inspections to full equipment overhaul, we will work with you to define a work scope that delivers quality and integrity, on time and within budget.

Major Maintenance

Condition based overhauls

Throughout our many years in business, we have developed standard overhaul for each gas generator type that we support. The standard overhaul includes refurbishment of all components, from air intake and compressor, through the combustion section, to the turbine – and is applied commonly by continuous duty operators.

If a full overhaul is not desired, we will work collaboratively with you to define a condition based work scope. This approach is fully tailored around the condition of your gas generator as removed from service, as well as the future operating requirements and length of service period.

Both options provide an opportunity to consider all OEM recommendations, including modifications and service bulletins. This also allows for cyclic life evaluations to be performed, based on our comprehensive historical records of each gas generator in service.

We are an
OEM approved maintenance, repair and overhaul centre

A work scope that delivers quality and integrity,
on time and within budget

Unscheduled repairs

Unscheduled events can arise occasionally. Our field specialists and highly skilled engineers can resolve the majority of unscheduled situations on site. And if your gas generator requires an emergency repair or work shop based inspection, we can immediately induct it into one of our facilities and offer you priority repair and testing activities to ensure your equipment’s prompt return to service.

Minimal downtime

We understand the technical and financial challenges faced by operators when critical equipment requires to be sent offsite.  We have refined our major maintenance process to minimise downtime for each maintenance event. We achieve this efficiency with our in-house component repair capability and vast stockholding of OEM parts in new and used condition, allowing complete control over critical completions.

We can further reduce downtime by utilising exchange components or fully assembled modules and gas generators, all of which are available for the products we support.

Get in touch with us to discuss your gas generator maintenance requirements.

Gas generator advance exchange

We provide an advance exchange option for operators who don’t have the luxury of time or rotable assets within their fleet. Typically, this service requires assembly and configuration of an exchange gas generator in advance of a planned maintenance event.

We’ll ship the replacement engine to you ready for immediate exchange and matched to your site specific configuration. Our service option can include installation and commissioning to minimise plant downtime and let you resume business operations with minimal disruption.

Major Maintenance Datasheet

Major Maintenance Datasheet

Download the Major Maintenance Datasheet
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