RWG wins Gold at the 2015 RoSPA awards

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RWG celebrates double ‘Gold’ awards from The Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).

Securing a sixth consecutive RoSPA Gold Award, demonstrating well developed occupational health and safety management systems and culture, as well as outstanding control of risk and very low levels of error, harm and loss.

Awarded a RoSPA Gold Medal for consistently high performance and dedication to occupational health and safety issues and for securing more than five Gold Awards from RoSPA

“RWG is a service company engaged in a broad range of work shop and business administration activities and over many years has developed and sustained an excellent Health & Safety culture.  Overhauling complex high speed rotating equipment brings many safety challenges, however the dedication of RWG’s ‘in-house’ operational integrity team and safety focussed workforce really deserve such recognition for their high standard of performance in Occupational Health and Safety management”, stated David Niven, RWG’s Head of Operational Integrity.

Keith Brady, RWG’s Managing Director commented, “We’re delighted to have received these awards from RoSPA. Safety is a core value for RWG and we work tirelessly to create an environment that is not only safe, but empowers employees to act immediately if they witness or identify a risk to personal safety. In our view investing in occupational health and safety is good for business. By mitigating risk in the work place we ensure employees return home safely each night. Equally, good health and safety performance across our business enhances RWG’s opportunities in the global marketplace. Simply put, doing the right thing is win-win for all the stakeholders in RWG”.

RWG will receive both awards at the forthcoming 2015 RoSPA Occupational Health and Safety Awards ceremony to be held in Glasgow, Scotland, on 17th September. This ceremony will showcase occupational health and safety achievements for organisations and individuals from many different industries, as well as awards for outstanding performance in specialist fields of health and safety.

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