RWG Opens New Siemens SGT-A05 and Rolls-Royce 501-K Gas Generator Test Facility in Houston

Sandra Ross2019, News

Test Facility in Houston

RWG has successfully commissioned a new test facility located at their Houston, Texas service centre. This latest investment is a milestone for the SGT-A05 and 501-K gas generator programme, enabling up to seventeen different models of existing gas generators to be tested at a single-location. In addition, RWG is positioned to support Siemens with development testing of new gas generator designs, including dual-fuel, liquid and gas fuel configurations.

Prior to the opening of this latest facility, RWG relied on capacity from an out-of-state legacy test facility. Consolidation of gas generator testing in Houston, ensures that RWG will meet customer demand for improved lead-times, as well as securing the internal efficiency improvements needed to compete effectively in the market.

RWG’s Board of Directors and SGT-A05 team at the official opening of the new test facility at RWG’s Houston, Texas service centre.

Mark Paterson, Executive Vice President of RWG Inc
stated; “Our new test facility is a major boost for the business, increasing versatility and doubling gas generator testing capacity at our Houston service centre. Through a programme of investment, customers will benefit from state-of-the-art technology to monitor gas generators during the testing programme, efficient data collection, real-time diagnostics and visual confirmation that all equipment performance targets are met.”

Keith Brady, RWG’s Managing Director commented; “I congratulate the RWG Inc team for delivering this entire project in less than 18 months. The impending closure of RWG’s legacy facility in Oakland, California meant that time was always going to be short, with minimal contingency within the schedule. Careful planning and regular update meetings ensured the project was delivered safely, that problems were identified quickly and mitigating actions taken. I’m confident this investment will deliver enhanced levels of service and a better customer experience.”

The SGT-A05 gas turbine has achieved global success with over 1,675 units sold for industrial use worldwide. There are currently three variants delivering between 4.0 MW(e) and 5.8MW(e), all with multi-fuel capability. The popularity of this gas turbine has ensured a global customer base of 500 operators, spanning 53 countries and accumulating more than 123 million operating hours since entry to service in 1963.