Siemens Selects RWG for their New Build SGT-A05 (KB7 HE) Programme

Sandra Ross2018, News

Siemens has appointed RWG as their partner for new assembly and testing of the latest technology SGT-A05 (KB7 HE) gas turbine. RWG’s selection for this programme follows a competitive tender process, evaluating potential suppliers based on stringent cost, quality and delivery performance criteria.

Under this new agreement, RWG’s Houston, Texas facility is responsible for all aspects of this new build programme including sub-assembly, dynamic balance, engine assembly and factory acceptance testing, prior to release to Siemens.

Mark Paterson, Executive Vice President of RWG Inc stated; “Award of this new build programme opens a new chapter in our relationship with Siemens. RWG’s Houston team has over 40 years of experience with the SGT-A05 gas turbine, so will deploy this knowledge and expertise to ensure all new build engines meet the highest quality standards and deliver reliable performance for Siemens’ global customer base. Securing this contract underpins RWG’s long-term relationship with the Original Equipment Manufacturer and provides continuity of employment for our highly skilled personnel in Houston.”

Rob Bouwens, Siemens SGT-A05 Sales Director commented; “Our proven aero-derivative gas turbine SGT-A05 (KB7 HE) upgrade builds on the worldwide success of the SGT-A05 program. With a new High Efficiency Compressor and common design within our global fleet of engines, this product offers a compelling solution for new power applications, as well as retrofit of existing SGT-A05 (KB7S) installations. RWG’s wealth of experience and track record provides confidence that Siemens has selected the right business partner for this new build program.”

The SGT-A05 gas turbine has achieved global success with over 1,675 units sold for industrial use worldwide. There are currently three variants delivering between 4.0 MW(e) and 5.8MW(e), all with multi-fuel capability. The popularity of this gas turbine has ensured a global customer base of 500 operators, spanning 53 countries and accumulating more than 123 million operating hours since entry to service in 1963. The SGT-A05 (KB7 HE) is the latest variant in this successful gas turbine family, offering improved performance and efficiency for Oil & Gas and Industrial Power Generation market applications.