National Grid awards RWG with a contract for provision of Industrial Avon gas generator overhauls

RWG Administrator2015, News

RWG has been awarded a new contract for Industrial Avon gas generator overhaul following a recent National Grid Sourcing Event. Tendered under the five year ‘Framework Agreement’ established between RWG and National Grid in 2012, the scope of this award is for immediate inspection and overhaul of two Industrial Avon gas generators, as well as field service, on-site inspection, commissioning and troubleshooting services.

National Grid has a large fleet of Siemens aero-derivative industrial gas generators including 30 Industrial Avon and 13 Industrial RB211 engines. This equipment, located at transmission stations across the length and breadth of the UK, provides essential mechanical drive capacity to ensure the energy needs of industrial, commercial and domestic users is met.

Mark Forsyth, RWG’s Industrial & Marine Business Director commented, “We’re delighted to have secured this latest award from National Grid, continuing a long association between our companies. We value the trust National Grid has placed in RWG to support these critical assets, including both their Industrial Avon and RB211 gas generators.”

RWG is the global market leader for maintenance of Siemens aero-derivative gas generators, completing in excess of 1,800 Industrial Avon engine overhauls over the last 25 years. This depth of experience combined with ‘in-house’ capability to perform over 1,500 repair schemes for the Industrial Avon ensures lower life cycle costs for operators of this equipment.