Dubai Petroleum (DP) award RWG maintenance contracts

RWG Administrator2015, News

Dubai Petroleum (DP) has awarded RWG two maintenance contracts for the overhaul of its Siemens aero-derivative industrial gas generators. The scope of service under these contracts includes major overhauls of Industrial RB211 24 GT and Industrial Avon 1535-200 gas generators, requiring full disassembly, inspection and repair or replacement of unserviceable components.
Following reassembly, both gas generators are subject to a comprehensive performance test, before returning to service offshore.
DP has a significant fleet of Siemens equipment including Industrial Avon and Industrial RB211 gas generators used for gas compression, and water flood applications. In recent years DP has implemented a phased programme of investment in their fleet, embodying the latest available technology to optimise operational performance and efficiency.
Mark Forsyth, RWG’s Industrial & Marine Business Director commented, “we have a long association with DP, working closely with them over many years to implement fleet upgrades and specific modifications to deliver increased reliability and minimise the risk of unscheduled downtime. We are delighted to receive this latest award and welcome the opportunity to use our experience to help DP achieve operational objectives for their Siemens fleet.”
Launched in 2007, the Industrial Avon 200 life extension upgrade delivers 8.9 per cent more power, 4.4 per cent better thermal efficiency and extends mean times between overhauls (MTBO) from 30,000 hours to 36,000hrs. DP is an early adopter of this technology, recognising the operational benefits available from this investment. The phased conversion of their Industrial Avon fleet and current operating profile makes DP the ‘fleet leader’ for Industrial Avon 200, with some conversions performed by RWG achieving service lives approaching 60,000hrs.