SGT-A35 (Industrial RB211)

SGT-A35 (Industrial RB211) gas generator maintenance, repair and overhaul

We have been delivering value to SGT-A35 gas generator operators since early 1990 and in that time over 1300 engines have successfully passed through our facilities. From Alaska to Australia, Venezuela and Malaysia, and everywhere in between, operators rely on our experience and expertise to enhance the performance and reliability of their SGT-A35 equipment.

If you need a single engine overhaul, we’ll turn that around for you in under 60 days. If you’re looking for a world-leading business to manage scheduled and unscheduled maintenance across your gas generator fleet, we can offer a bespoke service agreement to suit your individual requirements.

We build a relationship with you. We know how important it is to have seamless communication directly with your dedicated RWG project engineer, who knows your equipment inside out. And of course you’ll receive real-time updates as often as you need them as your engines and components progress through our facilities.

Trust our experience

Our depth of SGT-A35 knowledge and experience is unrivalled in the industry. We overhaul over 80 engines each year, used in power generation and oil & gas. We develop and deliver solutions for our customers across all equipment applications and operating environments.

Our dedicated, 42,000 sq ft service centre in the UK is equipped with state of the art equipment and technologies. We have more than 100 highly trained SGT-A35 specialists applying the latest techniques and innovations to every engine and component.

Whatever your requirement, you can trust us to help lower the cost of ownership of your equipment.



With more than 700 in service today, the industrial aero-derivative SGT-A35 gas turbine continues to play an integral role in powering offshore installations and power plants around the world. It was introduced to the market by Rolls-Royce in the 1970s, has a modular design for more efficient maintenance, and produces around 33 megawatts of power.

Weighing in at two and a half metric tonnes, and measuring just under three metres in length, it is considered one of the most reliable gas turbines available for both power generation and offshore applications.

The Dry Low Emissions (DLE) version of the Industrial RB211 entered the marketplace in 2004, with all the power capacity of the original version, but a much improved environmental performance, producing reduced NOx and CO emissions in operation.

“All work was executed on time and to a high level of professionalism. It was a pleasure working with RWG on the overhaul and I look forward to the next one.”International Gas Transmission Company

Full scope of service for your SGT-A35

No matter what type of SGT-A35 you operate, we can support it. We are OEM approved to service all models of SGT-A35, from the earliest engines right through to the latest generation -24GT DLE variant. And as an RWG customer, you’ll benefit from our OEM relationship and the technical and engineering expertise that brings to your equipment. Our repair and overhaul capability extends across Industrial RB211 -22, -24A, -24B, -24C, -24G, -GT and Gzero for both conventional and DLE fuel configurations.

Meeting your on-time delivery requirements is all part of the RWG service. We have access to two in-house gas generator test facilities in the UK, capable of performance testing all SGT-A35 models. You can rely on us to demonstrate the integrity of your engine before it is returned to service.


SGT-A35 spare parts and inventory management

Component repair is our specialty and our in-house technology is second to none. We offer a comprehensive suite of repairs and processes that enhance the service life of your gas generator components.

We can meet all of your SGT-A35 spare parts and inventory management requirements for mature engines and the latest models alike.

Of course, our commitment to you doesn’t end once your equipment has left our workshops and is back in service. You can call on our field support to maximise the availability and reliability of your SGT-A35 engines, brought to you from our regional service centres in the UK, US and Asia Pacific.

We overhaul around
Engines each year
SGT-A35 engines have passed through our facilities

Gas generator advance exchange

We provide an advance exchange option for operators who don’t have the luxury of time or rotable assets within their fleet. Typically, this service requires assembly and configuration of an exchange gas generator in advance of a planned maintenance event.

We’ll ship the replacement engine to you ready for immediate exchange and matched to your site specific configuration. Our service option can include installation and commissioning to minimise plant downtime and let you resume business operations with minimal disruption.


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SGT-A35 Datasheet

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