Our Evolution

1981 Prime Mover Maintenance Prime Mover Maintenance, which later became Rolls Wood Group, is opened and enters the gas turbine repair and overhaul business. 1990 The journey begins Rolls Wood Group (Repair & Overhauls) Limited (“RWG”) is founded in Aberdeen, UK through the creation of a joint venture between Prime Mover Maintenance, Wood Group’s provider of repair and overhaul services for Rolls-Royce industrial Avon gas generators, and Rolls-Royce. 1990 Pioneering business vision Led by managing director Hugh Gibson, RWG plans its transformation from a single workshop in Aberdeen into a market-leading global service provider for industrial aero-derivative gas generators. 1990 Expanding capability in Aberdeen Rolls-Royce transfers its industrial Avon engine business in East Kilbride, UK and its industrial RB211 and Olympus engine businesses in Ansty, UK to Aberdeen to become part of RWG. 1994 Strengthening industrial Avon and Olympus expertise RWG completes the acquisition of GTC Gas Turbine and enhances the scope of its industrial Avon and Olympus repair and overhaul service offering. 1999 The momentum continues RWG acquires Rolls-Royce Canada’s industrial Avon and RB211 repair and overhaul programmes to bring additional capability to the business. 2001 Bringing industrial Avon new production to the UK With the acquisition of Rolls-Royce’s Canadian capabilities came the Rolls-Royce industrial Avon new build capability, which RWG integrates into its industrial Avon centre of excellence in Aberdeen. 2001 Welcoming 501 to the portfolio RWG acquires Rolls-Royce’s industrial aero-derivative 501K/57x business in the US, adding workshop facilities in Texas and California to the company’s flourishing international capability. 2004 Strengthening industrial RB211 capability RWG introduces the industrial RB211 DLE (dry low NOx) model to its capability portfolio in Aberdeen, and brings operators of this engine type a full scope of service support. 2008 Welcoming the Avon 200 RWG’s industrial Avon repair and overhaul capability expands with the addition of Avon 200 upgrade services. 2008 Moving into Asia Pacific Aligning with increasing customer demand in Malaysia for local capability, RWG creates a joint venture providing in-country gas turbine repair and overhaul expertise. 2008 New Houston facility RWG opens a dedicated 42,000 sq ft repair and overhaul facility for industrial 501 gas turbines in Houston, Texas with capacity to overhaul up to 50 engines per year. 2008 Keith Brady takes over as managing director After successfully leading RWG for 18 years, managing director Hugh Gibson retires and makes way for his successor Keith Brady. 2009 International team, international success With managing director Keith Brady at the helm, RWG employs more than 500 people across its gas turbine repair and overhaul facilities in the UK, US and Malaysia, and achieves a milestone £150 million in sales. 2010 20 years and counting The RWG joint venture celebrates its 20th year in business and looks forward to future continued expansion and success, supporting valued existing clients and bringing its repair and overhaul expertise to new customers. 2014 New shareholder… new brand… new beginnings Rolls-Royce sells its energy business to Siemens, and along with it the 50% shareholding in the RWG joint venture. The joint venture’s legal entity name changes from Rolls Wood Group (Repair & Overhauls) Limited to RWG (Repair & Overhauls) Limited (“RWG”). RWG introduces a vibrant new brand identity for the joint venture. 2015 Rolls-Royce marine engines join portfolio RWG adds Rolls-Royce marine Spey, Tyne and WR21 gas turbines to its engine portfolio and is awarded with a long term service agreement by Rolls-Royce for maintenance support for its fleet of Marine Spey gas turbines used on UK MoD Royal Navy frigates. 2015 Investing in new talent RWG’s apprentice training programme celebrates 25 years of success and trains more than 160 apprentices since the company was founded in 1990. 2015 A boost to RWG’s testing capability RWG enters a five-year leasing agreement with Rolls-Royce for its gas turbine test facility in Ansty, UK, comprising three dedicated test cells capable of liquid and gas fuelled testing of a range of engines. 2015 Acquiring Siemens RT power turbine capability RWG enters into an agreement with Siemens to establish a centre of excellence in the UK for maintenance, repair and overhaul of Siemens RT power turbines, bringing local service provision to Siemens’ customers in the Eastern Hemisphere. 2016 Adding value to customers globally RWG’s gas generator repair and overhaul expertise continues to add value to operators around the world, with the company securing new contracts in power generation and oil & gas in the UK, Thailand, Dubai and Sweden. 2016 Successful overhaul of first Marine Spey The first Rolls-Royce Marine Spey gas turbine to be overhauled by RWG leaves the company’s Aberdeen facility, and is successfully installed onto the UK MoD Royal Navy frigate HMS St Albans. 2017 RWG Completes 130th Avon 200 Upgrade The 130th Avon 200 Upgrade is completed at RWG's Aberdeen facility, marking a significant milestone in the history of the Avon Engine 2018 First SGT-A35 GT 100,000 hour Overhaul Completed RWG completes the worlds first 100,000 hour overhaul on the SGT-A35 GT variant, paving the way for the major maintenance requirements of the global fleet 2020 Three decades of RWG! Celebrating 30 Years of World Class Gas Turbine Repair and Overhaul